Campfire Illinois - Light the Fire Within
6th-12th Grades
  Camp Fire’s Teen Service and Leadership Programs provide a variety of opportunities to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens, now. Through Camp Fire’s
Thrive{ology}framework, teens learn to identify community needs, issues, or challenges; decide what issues they want to advocate for; and then take action to make a difference in their communities.

Each workshop, in a Camp Fire program, may be tailored to the students and teacher curricula needs. Workshops can be held during a class or in an after school club. Each Camp Fire curricula is aligned with Illinois State Core Standards.
[6th-8th Grades]
Hold On to Health/In Defense of Food 
[6th-8th Grades]
Camp Fire’s InterACTION program walks middle school students through the process of becoming an effective communicator by learning how to get their point across to others and understanding  what other are trying to say to them.

The workshops will help students strengthen relationships with their friends, parents, teachers and community members.
A typical program lasts for 6 sessions, with each workshop an hour in length. 

The Hold On to Health curriculum brings together goal setting and decision-making exercises to teach youth and their families about the importance of eating healthy, being physically active and, making healthy choices. 

In Defense of Food was created in support the 2006 book  and PBS documentary series of the same name.  In this program students will learn about the types of foods that are best for optimal health and how the marketing industry supplies messages to the contrary.

These programs are personally tailored for your schools needs. 

Teens in Action/REACH
[6th-12th Grades]
Out of School
Camp Kata Kani in Bolingbrook, IL
The Teens in Action (TIA) program is built on Camp Fire’s long tradition of recognizing youth as part of the solution to, and not the problem with, today’s social challenges. TIA works with teens to improve the communities where they live and to challenge them to learn new skills and provide leadership in areas they never thought possible. Programs like TIA drive a sense of community responsibility, contribute to the future of society. 
REACH - Responsible Educated Adolescents Can Help is a drug and alcohol prevention program to give teens the skills and perseverance to say no to peers.  This program has been used in Naperville 203 schools for over two decades.
These programs are tailored for your schools needs.

Teambuilding Play Day K to 4th grades - Enjoy a day of fun in the woods are children discover their sparks through teambuilding and leadership activities.

Challenge Course 5th to 6th grades - Challenge your pre-teens to test their critical thinking skills and create new bonds with classmates as they puzzle out each Challenge Course element.

Each out-of-school program is tailored to the needs of your students. Please call for more   details and prices.