Campfire Illinois - Light the Fire Within
Self Reliance K-5th Grades
  Camp Fire is all about kids! Making children strong in their mind, body and spirit. We offer diverse, vibrant, programs that allow youth to gain critical life and social skills, confidence and conflict resolution capabilities they need to succeed.

Integrated with a nationally acclaimed Camp Fire
Thrive{ology} proven framework, our approach enable all youth to achieve their full potential by: identifying sparks; adopting a growth mindset; building goals; and, creating opportunities to reflect.

Through our programs, your students will develop strong connections in what is known as the Six Cs: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Caring, and Contribution. All six of these attributes are present in the lessons about communication and conflict.

Our programs are fully aligned with current state of Illinois common core standards.
I'm Safe and Sure
[Preschool, K & 1st Grade]
The overall purpose of this program is to help children avoid becoming potential victims of crime and other harmful situations.  It also reinforces positive social behaviors and attitudes while helping the children feel good about themselves and their ability to cope with unexpected situations. 

The topics of each 30 minute session are listed below:

SESSION 1: Rules
SESSION 2: Taste Only What is Safe
SESSION 3: Safety at Home and Play
SESSION 4: Nobody Wins a Fight
SESSION 5: Stranger Awareness
SESSION 6: Can I Tell a Secret?

I'm Peer Proof
[2nd-4th Grades]
Children will learn assertiveness techniques as a way of building positive friendships and resisting negative peer pressure. The ability to do these things is a universal need of all children, and "I'm Peer Proof" provides the direction and skills to meet that need. Class sessions incorporate: role playing, group discussion and activities that increase awareness and observation skills.

The topics of each 45-minute session are listed below:

SESSION 1:  The 3 Personality Types
SESSION 2:  Positive Behaviors
SESSION 3:  Saying No
SESSION 4: Cyberbulling

Out of School
Camp Kata Kani in Bolingbrook, IL
Teambuilding Play Day K to 4th grades - Enjoy a day of fun in the woods are children discover their sparks through teambuilding and leadership activities.

Challenge Course 5th grade - Challenge your pre-teens to test their critical thinking skills and create new bonds with classmates as they puzzle out each Challenge Course element.

Each out-of-school program is tailored to the needs of your students. Please call for more   details and prices.

A Gift of Giving
[4th-5th Grades]
This Self-Reliance program follows a service-learning process that enables children to realize their ability to make a difference in their communities. Each class will work to develop a service project according to the needs they see in their communities. The class members will execute their project and reflect on their experience with the help of the instructor. 

The topics of each 45-60 minute session are listed below:

SESSION 1: Community Concept
SESSION 2: Needs Assessment and Project Choice
SESSION 3: Planning and Organizing Project
SESSION 4: Project Day
SESSION 5: Reflection Recognition and Celebration